Invest in HIGHLANDS's COMMERCIAL CITY: The Next Genting Highlands

Highlands Commercial City is a large, sustainable development located near Genting Highlands that aims to provide amenities and nature-themed infrastructure for the local community while also preserving the surrounding natural beauty.

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Why Stop At Highlands Commercial City

Highlands Commercial City will be a “Must Stop-Over Point” for visitors going up or down Genting Highlands.

Visitors will be interested in the:

The Foreign experience of Highlands Commercial City

Endless activities for all ages

Cool & breezy climate

Various selection of food & cuisine

Multiple events & shows

Local Art & Culture

Highlands Commercial City

  • 45 Min To Kuala Lumpur
  • World Class Attractions
  • Sustainability Living
  • Local & International Foods


Highlands Commercial City is the longest walkable streets shopping and tourism commercial center.



Highlands Commercial City a state-of-the-art pedestrian street shops spanning over 2,000 meters is a newly built tourists hotspot located within Genting Highlands.

➤ LONGEST Waterfall's


Consists of more than 500 metres of riverside ECO and nature activities along with alfresco dining. Visitors to Highlands Commercial City can eat a variety of foods while enjoying nature.



Surrounded by the World’s Largest Terrarium’s which exhibit plants and creatures from Jurassic Period all the way to the Futuristic Sci-Fi Themes.



Panning across 666 meters (2,185 feet) with a height of 6.5 meters, visitors approaching Highlands Commecial City at the car park level will experience the sloped terrarium.



A dedicated halal hub in the development, which is dubbed as the most advanced of its kind in Southeast Asia.




Located in Highlands Commercial City, the proposed site is strategically located near a plethora of entertainment and commercial venues. On the peak of Genting Highlands, visitors may enjoy a wide range of attractions, entertainment, including glitzy shopping malls, colorful theme parks and hundreds of F&B outlets. Genting Highlands consist of more than 1500 acres of tourism development with the most popular being.


18% of the daily visitors to Genting Highlands are in Highlands Commercial City.

➤ Dine

Nothing says downtime like planning a road trip up to Genting Highlands. Pack your bags and steer away from the hectic schedule with a trip to Genting. Whether it’s by spending time with your kids at the indoor theme park or by going on a shopping spree at Sky Avenue or Genting Premium Outlets, indulging in a great meal is essential while you’re there.

➤ Shop

The Genting Highlands is one of the top shopping destinations in Malaysia. It is a spectacular spot that consists of fashionable clothes, accessories, gadgets, jewellery, gifts, toys, games, artefacts, candies, and all other items that get added to the endless shopping list. With a numerous range of options, it might take you more than a day to choose from.


Pedestrian Friendly City

We Maintain Walkable City

Local Schools

Neighborhoods walkability has become an important public health concern. The child’s-eye view of safe and walkable environments is typically remiss from the literature. Particularly the experience of inner city kids, very different from that of suburban neighborhoods, remains unreported. The study reported here offers new insights based on the walking to school experience.

Your Health and Happiness

Studies have found that the average resident of a walkable neighborhood is less at risk for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease than their counterparts in sprawling neighborhoods.

Easy For Pedestrians

Designers, considering the risks to drivers only, neglect to use trees in their design, assuming soft pedestrians to be much less of a threat to moving vehicles than hard trees.

Walkable cities are those that establish policies designed to create more areas for pedestrians as a way of responding to environmental pressures and the need to live in healthier environments. Walkability does not happen overnight.

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Highlands Commercial City tend to be designed so that amenities and most services are within a 15-minute walking or cycling distance, creating a new neighbourhood approach.



Investing in Highlands Commercial City can enhance tourists, produce revenue for local businesses, and stimulate the local economy. Visitors frequently spend money on lodging, food, and mementos, which can have a beneficial effect on the local economy.





1500+ ARCES



To be the leader specialising in Real Estate Tourism leading to sustainable development. In future, to make Highlands Commercial City as a benchmark of Real Estate.


Our target is to develop and promote sustainable Real Estate Tourism in Malaysia.


Our Core Business is to Create Value from Real Estate Tourism.

Development around



Sustainable Development

Highlands Commercial City Works Closely With The United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) To Include A Target Devoted To “Sustainable Cities And Communities”.

Developing Future With A Purpose

The world is going through a transformative journey and so are cities. As centres of innovation and shared prosperity, new cities are where the future is happening, hence envisioning the Future of Cities is anticipating the future of human living.

This initiative comprises 12 main trends that will affect our sustainable living in the Highlands Commercial City its explanation, impact and key case studies where they are being implemented. Under this development, Highlands Commercial City has consulted experts from all over the globe, which include international organization leaders, urban policy institutions, as well as leading urban planners, practitioners and researchers. Their views and insights offer further depth to our planning.

Covering domains such as Mobility, Living & Health, Government & Education, Energy & Environment, Safety & Security and Economy, the purpose of our 360-degree comprehensive analysis is to create a constructive tool for everyone to use and practice what moves us day-by-day: foretell, design and build better cities.

Master Plan

The master plan for Highlands Commercial City includes several initiatives to enhance the Highlands Commercial City natural beauty and improve the visitor experience.

Site G1 Plan

Site G2 Plan

Site G3 Plan

Development Status

Current Earthworks in progress in Highlands Commercial City

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